Thursday, 28 September 2017

Should I Be Worried about my Worn Teeth?

Did you fell down and got a worn teeth? Something hit your face, your teeth gets edgy? Or you just cracked a nut from your teeth and now you have worn teeth.

Most of the people are naïve in the aspect of knowing their dental health concerns. If your tooth is not treated in the mean time it may damage itself and the residing teeth as well. The worn teeth have to be treated as early as possible.

This particular is written in order to aware the people about their teeth sensitivity and how important is to consult the dentist soon you are facing any problem.

Mostly people are of the view that the dental treatment is cosmetic in nature, hence very expensive to afford. But have you ever though oral cavity is responsible for your health and many diseases to happen to you in future. For you all it is intended to know that worn tooth is not cosmetic treatment. It can lead to the gum defragmentation. Tooth worn is a disease that needs to be catered by the Kennewick Dentist through proper diagnosis, tests and treatment.

Consciousness is a blessing:
Everyone thinks that its immune system is strong and can fight against the deadly germs. Especially people have never focused on their dental health.

Are you taking proper calcium intake?

Are you brushing their teeth twice a day?

Are you cleaning the teeth with medicated tooth pastes?

One has been conscious about overall health and the personal hygiene. You have tooth worn due to some reasons and they might be:
  • Especially in winter people break the nuts with the teeth.
  • For whitening of teeth people use apple cider vinegar and acid.
  • Eating or drinking cold and hot thing simultaneously.Worn Tooth and its types

There are two types of worn teeth
  1. Mild Tooth Wear
  2. Severe Tooth Wear

Mild Tooth Wear
Indication of mild tooth wear isn’t always visible. The teeth aren’t so damage in the mild tooth wear that is why most of the people don’t give much attention to it.

Severe tooth wear

Severe tooth wear is obvious in nature. One can easily notice the flat teeth, severe tooth have sharper edges, and prominently yellow in colour. Sometimes the inner layer of the tooth is hollow and you can feel hot and cold severely. Sometime you feel sourness and contraction in the facial muscles early in the morning when you wake up. That is the irritating time for the oral cavity. The edgy tooth may wound the tongue as well.

Indications of the worn teeth
  • The teeth that are cracked or chipped from the sides are worn teeth
  • The teeth that are sensitive and prone to hot and cold are worn teeth.
  • The teeth that are getting shorter are worn teeth.

How to cure the worn teeth
The worn teeth are almost curable if taken proper care. One may take several treatments to have soothed worn tooth. You can have dental crowns to restore the worn teeth. When you will go to the doctor he wills checkup the whole worn teeth and the extent of it. After checking if the dental crown would be needed. He will make the teeth dead and fix the dental crown smoothly and swiftly so the patient will not get infected.

You have to find an appropriate doctor to treat your oral problems. You yourself have to take your oral problems keenly. If you will not take care of your health who will take care then?

It is better to find the indications and go for treatment.

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